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Customer Profile

Company: Western Systems GmbH Industry: Information Technology Head Office: Düsseldorf

Requirements & Challenges

Migration of the complete IT infrastructure in a Cloud environment, parallel to the daily operations


Cloud, Colocation, IP Services

Key Facts

    • Implementation of the new IT infrastructure within one week without influencing daily operations
    • Procurement of all services and solutions from one source
    • High availability, connectivity up to 10 GbE (Gigabit Ethernet), redundancy and scalability, flexibility, procurement of services and global usability according to the on-demand principle
    • Complying with the high standards of data protection
    • Reduction of costs for hardware and maintenance
    • ROI within 18 months

To prepare their customers for the continuously increasing amounts of data and to offer future-proof and scalable solutions, Western Systems migrated, with the support of MESH, its existing IT infrastructure into the Cloud. Already in the planning and implementation phase challenges have arosed. In order to avoid a downtime, the implementation had to be realized parallel to daily operations.

For about 20 years the IT company, Western Systems has developed customized hardware and software solutions for midsized companies as well as for industrial companies from all over the world. A team, consisting of 17 experts, supported by a large number of project members, supports its customers in planning, implementation and maintenance of IT solutions. The customers include renowned companies from a variety of different industries, amongst others an international chemical company based in Minnesota and a European subsidiary in Düsseldorf. An average of about 150,000 users from all time zones, use solutions developed by Western Systems. The amount of data produced from different IT systems on a daily basis, place high demands on the capacity of a traditional IT infrastructure. This infrastructure has its limits: Exponential data growth and the need for rapid and ubiquitous digital co-operation, forces businesses to quickly and flexibly adapt to those changing needs. A system that is not designed for a large capacity or with current insufficient capacity can bring about fatal consequences. Consequences include overstressing of the data network, latencies in data transmission, delays in saving and the analysis of information as well as halting real-time communication.

Data should only know its safety limits

“High volumes of data are part of our daily business”, says Michael Bademann, Managing Partner at Western Systems. “In order to stay competitive we need to act in a sustainable and anticipatory manner. This makes an IT infrastructure, which is a reliable and flexible, absolutely necessary. Our customers remain assured that their business-critical information is processed fast and secure, even during peak times.” For most customers, operating their own physical infrastructure is uneconomical. Especially in periods of growth, when there is the need for new hardware and software, capital and time consuming investments are necessary, in order to meet growing demands. Furthermore, maintenance and expansion tasks do not only require a high amount of time and resources but also disturb ongoing business operations. In order to optimize the IT infrastructure to respond more quickly to customer demands, Western Systems replaced its existing physical servers completely with innovative and virtualized Cloud solutions from MESH, while taking into account its own infrastructure.

One stop shopping

The requirements for the new Cloud solution were quickly defined, but very comprehensive and extensive at the same time. The top priorities included high availability, connectivity up to 10 GbE (Gigabit-Ethernet), redundancy as well as scalability, flexibility, the purchase of services, and global usability depending on demand. Another top priority was the data security for the protection of highly sensitive company information. Moreover, Western Systems placed value on having all services from one single source. The option to go with the, so called, “best-of-breed approach”, where individual services are purchased from various service providers, was excluded from the beginning. After consulting various renowned IT providers in Germany, Western Systems chose MESH. To meet strict German privacy regulations, a local provider was chosen who can reliably protect sensible company information and information of its customers. The independent provider of internet infrastructure for midsized and large companies provides individually fitting and sustainable IT infrastructures and services, employing the “Solution-as-a-Service” approach. MESH optimally realized the requirements set by Western Systems. “MESH meets the individual wishes of its customers. The company offers optimal solutions for all requirements and is a contact partner at all times. These factors, as well as the high quality of MESH solutions, were the main reason to choose this provider for the modernization of our IT infrastructure”, states Bademann.

Unnoticed change of system

A project plan was developed within six months by the joint project team of Western Systems and MESH. An interference of the daily business activities during the planned switch to virtual systems was out of the question. “For us it was especially important that our customers are not affected by the transition. A failure of the system need to be completely ruled out “, declares Bademann. “Customer satisfaction is our top priority”. This is why the existing productive environment remained online during the whole process, while the new systems were implemented at the same time. “Due to thorough planning the implementation process ran smoothly and efficiently”, says Bademann. “All systems were migrated within one week without users noticing.” Since 2011 Western Systems uses database-, stage-, test-, and training server as well as frontend product solutions by MESH for the multivendor development environment. The operation of the new IT infrastructure takes place in the secure N+1 MESH datacenter in Düsseldorf. The datacenter is equipped with a multi-redundant Tier-1 carrier connection. The smooth transition of the systems was highly successful. “We provide our customers with a reliable, efficient and secure system. Moreover, considerable savings are possible, as customers do not need to purchase physical hardware”, explains Bademann. Western Systems is profiting from the transition with regards to efficiency and cost effectiveness. “We are expecting a return of investment within the next 18 months”, concludes Bademann.

Short profile Western Systems

Western Systems has been a provider of professional, customized solutions for hardware, software development and project-business with medium sized businesses and industrial companies for almost 20 years. The product portfolio includes the creation, implementation and maintenance of IT projects of all kinds. Further information is available online, visit