MESH Hybrid IaaS Cloud

Hybrid Cloud is the ideal solution – individually tailored and flexible

The added value provided by the Hybrid Cloud is primarily based on the ability to integrate internal and external IT resources.

Companies are increasingly utilising so-called Hybrid Cloud solutions, in order to master complex IT needs through the application of new technologies. Hybrid Cloud is the term for hybrid forms of private and public clouds together with traditional IT infrastructures. Companies in particular can no longer meet existing requirements with only one single strategic IT direction. Cloud services and SaaS applications are increasingly used within individual departments for test environments or at peak loads. Other areas, however, continue to need a fully enclosed, dedicated server infrastructure. This presents the IT department with numerous challenges, as it must maintain a central control function as well as an overview of resources used, total costs and data. The MESH Hybrid IaaS Cloud offers the possibility to combine different IT infrastructures in an individual and flexible manner.

What are the benefits of the IaaS Hybrid Cloud?

          • High flexibility through seamless integration of internal and external IT resources
          • High security through individual defined utilisations between internal and external IT solutions
          • High availability and high SLA available
          • Can be combined with Public & Private Cloud Services, Colocation Services and customer-specific infrastructure
          • ISO/IEC 27001:2005 / BSI and PCI DSS compliant data centres according to tier 3 standard
          • International tier 1 carrier network
          • Certified data protection and data security
          • In line with compliance regulations

A variety of possible combinations


Many companies need a part of their IT infrastructure on-site, so they can respond quickly if required. In a Hybrid Cloud, dedicated connections are used to link the existing internal resources with the external data centre through Private Lines, Wavelengths, Ethernet or Dark Fibre. The customer is now free to either add physical IT resources or to exclusively deploy virtual IT resources. The degree to which resources are utilised is determined independently and individually, which substantially increases flexibility and internal security.

Colocation Services

MESH colocation services are housed in high security data centres, which are subject to the most stringent safety requirements on the market. The data centres are equipped in conformance with ISO 27001:2005 and PCI DSS. The infrastructure of the MESH data centres is protected by an always redundant power supply and optimal climate control. The data centres are equipped with redundant UPS systems that offer a data centre classification of at least N+1. Biometric access control, 24/7 surveillance and security staff provide an exceptionally high security environment.

Enterprise IaaS Cloud

No matter whether public or community – cost-effective resources can be made available in the Hybrid Cloud at the touch of a button. Companies remain technologically independent by continuing to use their own systems, in addition to the selective use of Enterprise IaaS Cloud Services when flexibility is needed.

Private IaaS Cloud

Organisations that require a very high level of resources or are subject to stringent security requirements, such as banks, insurance companies or large corporations, opt for the Private IaaS Cloud, which is completely enclosed in comparison to all other cloud hybrids. This is ideal for the implementation of disaster recovery concepts and guarantees end-to-end data security at enterprise level.

Managed Solution as a Service (SoaS)

Some solutions can of course also be implemented with dedicated server capacity, if requested by the customer. All managed services are operated in the MESH data centres, and benefit from the high security standards and high availability of the MESH infrastructure. They can be combined with all MESH services, creating an essential basis for the ability to achieve the highest level of scalability and efficiency even for complex applications and requirements.

Managed Switching / Managed Routing

We will of course look after the network management within the MESH Hybrid IaaS Cloud, as well as the connection between the cloud and your physical equipment.

You can also let us manage any physical network equipment that you want to operate as part of the Hybrid Cloud. Our network specialists manage the entire process ranging from planning to maintenance, and take complete care of your routing and network.

It is entirely up to you if you obtain the hardware from us or supply it yourself. Within the scope of managed switching, we install and operate your own switches or MESH switches and implement changes, for example VLAN configurations.

If you use your own routers, we can also take over their operation on your behalf. This ranges from establishing or changing the configuration to the regular check of log files and also includes tasks such as establishing links to third-party providers via BGP.

Variable Network Design

In addition to the obligatory allocation of IPv4 addresses we of course also support the IPv6 protocol.

Many options are available to you when configuring IP connectivity.

In addition to the direct public connection of your server, we can route IP networks (whether virtual or physical) to a firewall, dynamically route networks via BGP, or route existing networks (e.g. PI space) to us.

In order to publicly identify you as the user of the addresses, you are entered as the operator in the RIPE database, so users will always see your profile as a registered contact.

Security is our main focus at all times. We always assign complete networks to our customers, as well as their own VLANs. They do not share any networks with other customers.

Connectivity: a range of possibilities

The MESH Hybrid IaaS Cloud is linked to the tier 1 carrier upstream network, which is connected to multiple 10 Gigabit uplinks and ensures continuous high availability and performance. The routing over the specific carriers (Level(3), TeliaSonera, NTT Communications), as well as the most important regional peering nodes (AMS-IX, DE-CIX, ECIX) is adjusted by our network operations team if required. This ensures that you receive the best upstream, the lowest latency and an optimal data throughput in your hyHrid Cloud at all times.

The MESH backbone extends across Germany and connects to the local city-rings, which MESH has built between the data centres. This creates more added values for the MESH Hybrid IaaS Cloud, providing additional independence and reliability at the network level.

Private lines, dark fibre or wavelengths

Critical applications can be protected further in combination with the hybrid forms of the MESH Enterprise Cloud (IaaS). Dedicated connections are required in order to make outside interference impossible.

In contrast to shared Internet connections, private lines provide a completely independent environment for data transmission that prevents access from outside, making it one of the safest forms of data transfer.

A wavelength is provided as transport conduit – that is to say a single wavelength over a physical fibre optic cable. They are used where high capacity together with very high performance are required.

Dark fibres are considered where particularly high amounts of data can lead to bottlenecks. The exclusive use of unlit fibre optic cable protects even potential weaknesses in the chain, making it the top product in the category of network connections.


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