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Accelerate your IT processes and focus on your core business.

And most important: be secure while you are doing so. For small and medium-sized businesses in particular, it makes sense to consider Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), models as a smart alternative to the high acquisition and maintenance costs of their own hardware. Virtualisation and standardisation lead to outstanding cost efficiencies in IT infrastructure and also create important added value such as security and high availability. Click here to find out more about the benefits for your business model.

MESH IaaS Community Cloud

The MESH IaaS Community Cloud allocates shared hardware resources to a specified group of persons, while maintaining logical and secure data separation. The virtualisation environment gives different users the possibility to share the same hardware.

  • Security
  • High availability
  • High flexibility
  • Excellent Total Cost of Ownership

MESH IaaS Private Cloud

The MESH IaaS Private Cloud is also based on virtualisation technology, similar to the Community Cloud. Because of its private cloud services, it is however addressed to companies, which place a high emphasis on data security and do not want to share their resources. The resources are individually tailored to the requirements of the users and can never be used by other participants.

  • Maximum control over own data
  • Security
  • High availability

MESH IaaS Hybrid Cloud

The MESH IaaS Hybrid Cloud is based on a integration and combination of different community or private cloud setups as well as with the customer’s own IT environments. This enables the cost-effective outsourcing of certain services to the Community Cloud, while sensitive corporate data remains in the private cloud or on the customer’s own equipment, completely excluding any interference by third parties.

  • High scalability
  • Maximum control over own data
  • Increased security
  • High availability

MESH Storage as a Service Cloud

The MESH Storage as a Service Cloud is used to store data that must be archived over a longer period. The Storage as a Service Cloud allows cost optimisation, as keeping this data in a highly productive environment usually concludes to higher investments.

    • High cost control
    • Security
    • Scalability
    • High availability


    External attacks are the biggest threat to anyone connected to the Internet. A range of security measures are necessary in order to create a completely safe IT environment. Traditional data centre security environments and data protection certified personnel are just two examples of the requirements. Truly proactive security management is needed at all levels so that loopholes for attackers – potential vulnerabilities – can be excluded and defended against consistently.

    The Enterprise IaaS Clouds are exclusively located in high security data centres in Germany. They retain to Germany’s strict data protection law and are BSI / ISO 27001 certified and PCI DSS compliant. Secure access to the management console is always encrypted via VPN. The MESH Enterprise IaaS Clouds are exclusively designed for built-in redundancy and high availability.

    And how much safety do you need?

    The MESH Enterprise cloud offers you a choice of different Service-Level-Agreements (SLA), adapted to your individual needs.

    • SLA „Enterprise-Plus“
    • SLA „Enterprise“
    • SLA „Best Practice“

    High availability

    There are many aspects to ensure high availability in IT, covering all individual layers and elements of the virtual infrastructure. The question is above all WHERE the system is designed for high availability and to a lesser extent IF this is the case.

    • Automatic failover (HA)
    • Real time data mirroring
    • Disaster Recovery (DR)
    • High scalability
    • High SLA availability
    • ISO/IEC 27001:2005 / BSI and PCI DSS compliant data centres according to tier 3 standard
    • International tier 1 carrier network
    • Certified data protection and compliance
    • More rapid response to changing business requirements
    • Business continuity worldwide
    • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
    • More flexible deployment of server capacity
    • Economical options for temporary resource requirements
    • Activation of additional resources without interruption of operations
    • Efficient solutions in case of emergencies

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