Private Cloud for sophisticated needs

Optimise the efficiency and data security of your data centre

Large enterprises that have sophisticated security requirements or have to deal with extreme workloads, in general keep their own IT infrastructures. The implementation of private cloud services makes it possible to benefit from the advantages of virtualisation and to achieve higher levels of efficiency. It is guaranteed from the outset that the IaaS Private Cloud is in line with compliance requirements and that both the data centre and network components, as well as the cloud infrastructure fully meet the necessary safety requirements.

What are the benefits of the IaaS Private Cloud?

        • High efficiency through virtualisation of IT applications and consolidation of a range of customer-specific infrastructures
        • Highest security through the exclusion of external users
        • Lower costs than traditional IT infrastructures
        • Higher IT and business performance
        • High availability and high SLA available
        • ISO/IEC 27001:2005 / BSI and PCI DSS compliant data centres according to tier 3 standard
        • International tier 1 carrier network
        • Certified data protection and data security
        • In line with compliance requirements
        • Complete control and increased safety measures

      Design your own individual virtual data centre and deploy your applications on an infrastructure with built-in security and role-based access control. Migrate your data within different infrastructure islands and integrate your systems using the provided APIs. You can expand your Private Cloud with other services at any time (see Hybrid Cloud).

      MESH IaaS Private Clouds are based on professional high security data centres and an international, independent, tier 1 network. The sites are individually combined using a range of connection types, which facilitate dedicated data traffic that is not connected to the public network.

      Coordination and cooperation

      Cooperation is optimised because reliable connections can be established between internal processes and departments, as well as different information systems. International corporations use the IaaS Private Cloud to facilitate the globalisation of IT operations and infrastructure. Data security and data protection plays an important role in this context. The MESH IaaS Private Cloud is in line with compliance requirements and meets stringent security requirements.

      Pro’s and Con’s

      A Private Cloud provides almost all the advantages of the large public or community cloud and gives total control to the user. If you experience a sudden demand for a much higher level of resources than are available in your Private Cloud Setup, it is always possible to supplement Private Clouds operated by MESH with additional resources, for example in the MESH IaaS Community Cloud, without incurring additional acquisition costs. A Private Cloud Setup can be managed from anywhere and at any time. High security data centres are used for the operation of Private Clouds, making it possible to extend IT infrastructure security beyond blades, storage and network. This prevents potential losses in relation to data security and MESH can provide additional capacity at any time (MESH IaaS Hybrid Cloud).

      ThePrivate Cloud can also bring challenges: administration by the user is a key aspect, because it requires technical personnel that is very hard to find and always very expensive. Additional hardware is also required after the end of the useful service life, unless one intends to upgrade any decommissioned equipment accordingly. Bandwidth for remote access may be limited because private internet connections are not designed for uploads. We are glad to advise you in regard of the right management services, service models and types of connections to suit your requirements and happy to take on the management of their operation.

      A Private Cloud has the further advantage that the provider can decide who is allowed access the data. This allows companies to extend access to business partners or suppliers, for example. Such extended access usually takes place in the form of encrypted access methods, role-based over the internet or through a virtual private network (VPN).

      Retain full control over your applications and draw on the competence and resources of MESH for the provision, maintenance and further development of your optimal IaaS Private Cloud infrastructure on the hardware and virtualisation layer.

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