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High availability

High availability is especially important when it comes to business-critical data and uninterrupted web services. Your web presence is crucial to the external image of your company. The availability of critical information supports the continuity of all your internal processes. The redundant and highly secure MESH Enterprise Cloud setup is specially designed for these requirements. If your business services or business-critical data need higher levels of security, the private cloud is the right solution for your company. Both infrastructure platforms are housed in data centres that meet the tier 3 standard. The ISO 27001 certified data centres are connected with the MESH multiple redundant tier 1 network, which provides maximum performance and uptime guarantees.

High availability power supply & air conditioning

The infrastructure of the MESH Enterprise Cloud is protected by an always redundant power supply and optimal climate control. The data centres are equipped with redundant UPS systems that offer a data centre classification of at least N+1. If one component fails, this is automatically picked up by another component (or multiple components, depending on the type of redundancy used).

Availability of network connections

The MESH IaaS Cloud services are linked to the tier 1 carrier upstream network, which is connected to multiple 10 Gigabit uplinks and ensures continuous high availability and performance. The routing over the specific carriers (Level(3), TeliaSonera, NTT Communications), as well as the most important regional peering nodes (AMS-IX, DE-CIX, ECIX) is adjusted by our network operations team if required. This ensures that you receive the best upstream, the lowest latency and an optimal data throughput all times.

The MESH backbone extends across Germany and connects to the local city-rings, which MESH has built between the data centres. This creates additional redundancy for the MESH IaaS Cloud, providing further fail-safe performance at the network level.

High availability of the blade & storage systems

The technology contains an integrated HA functionality (high availability), which provides optimal protection against data loss. A fully redundant hardware setup ensures that failures of individual components are automatically compensated.

The VM instances are operated in so-called HA mode. In case of a physical server failure, the virtual instances will be restarted automatically on other hardware resources. The required capacities are always provided and are available at all times.

The data on the virtual hard disks are stored on high available storage systems. The special feature of these systems is that redundancy is not only provided by the hard disks (RAID), the controllers are also operated in active-active mode – i.e. both controllers can be used actively. This means even higher performance, while at the same time providing protection against failure and data security for you and your customers.

Disaster recovery and business continuity

Unforeseeable incidents or even attacks can happen and actually do happen. This is reported in the media on a daily basis – while buildings can be rebuilt at any time, this is usually no longer possible where data is concerned. Even a temporary loss of access to your data is often enough to inflict serious damage on your company. Disaster recovery is like an insurance policy that protects your business processes in an emergency. This guarantees excellent protection with minimal effort.

The MESH Enterprise Cloud Services include redundancy and mirroring. It ensures that business processes affected by failure continue to operate through the use of automatic failover. Snapshots make it possible to access older versions of VM instances, if required. This sophisticated disaster recovery concept optimally prevents consequential damages in case of disaster.

Typical disaster recovery concepts that are based on colocation services can be a good choice – but how much hardware is needed in how many locations to achieve the goal? The implementation of a disaster recovery concept can be achieved quickly with MESH Enterprise IaaS Clouds – at reduced costs and with little planning effort. Please feel free to contact us, we will be glad to provide you with detailed advice.

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