MESH Storage as a Service

Only pay for the storage that you really need!

The MESH Cloud Storage Service allows you dispense with the purchase and maintenance of your own expensive hardware systems. The flexible business model makes it easy and cost effective to book additional resources.

The required storage capacity for storing, archiving, and backup services is provided by MESH as part of its Cloud Storage services. You can work precisely as required, because MESH provides sufficient space for short-term storage needs. The Cloud Storage as a Service is much more flexible, provides the latest technology and frees you from the need for costly investments in storage systems and arrays and their care and maintenance.

Advantages of MESH Storage as a Service:

      • Your central data store on the Internet! Access your Cloud Storage at all times and from all over the world
      • Secure backup and archiving
      • Data centre located in Germany
      • German data protection regulations
      • Flexible sizes, customised to your need
      • Unlimited transfer volume
      • Secure access, e.g. through explicitly enabled IP addresses or VPN
      • Access from LINUX, Windows or Mac systems
      • Quick access to your online storage also via SMB
      • Perform automatic or manual backups. The safe alternative to USB sticks, CDs, Blue-Ray, DVDs and external drives


The Storage as a Service are located in data centres in Germany and guarantee maximum data protection under German law. The data centres are PCI and ISO 27001 certified. The buildings that house the MESH storage installations are monitored around the clock and have built-in biometric security and protection against natural disasters.

Cost reduction

Specialised personnel is needed for the maintenance and updating of in-house storage systems – this can be both expensive and inefficient. When using MESH Storage as a Service, you only pay for the data that you actually store, saving you time and money. The MESH team is always available and happy to assist you if you require additional information.

Simple data access

The additional Infrastructure as a Service solution offers a simple and robust protocol for accessing data in the MESH Cloud. The support service is available around the clock.

High availability

MESH hosts your storage in tier 3 data centres with uptime standards of N, N+1 and 2N, an international tier 1 carrier network and SLAs of up to 99.999%. This forms the basis for an individually tailored, seamless online service with disaster recovery and business continuity.

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