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To meet customer requirements, MESH offers a variety of power supply options for Colocation, including one or two feeds; setting the required ampere throughput; and contracted power usage control. MESH also offers different SLA levels on power supply, depending on specific needs. For more details please contact the MESH sales team.

Smart hands & eyes

Now you can be in two places at once – with MESH Smart Hands & Eyes. Regular maintenance operations can sometimes be too costly or time consuming to handle in-house and, in these cases, MESH technicians can step in and help. With over ten years of experience in technical operations, the MESH team has performed virtually every IT service imaginable – from hardware set-up, through to upgrades, verification, photo documentation and status reporting.


These days it pays to be constantly updated and MESH understands that monitoring your servers is not your core business. The MESH monitoring system is developed to inform about current status. It will notify you on any outage and constantly check on host availability and services such as HTTP, SSH, FTP, MySQL, Telnet, and SSL. You are automatically informed in the event of any negative check results.

Invoicing models

MESH offers flexible colocation invoicing models. By liaising with customers, MESH can offer the best solution based on colocation size, energy utilisation and contract length. For more information please contact the MESH sales team.

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