High-level data security and service security are key aspects of colocation. Security is also the foundation of services offered by MESH.

Access restrictions

The basis of data security is to deny unauthorised access. Your data is your property and you decide who has access. To ensure high data security MESH provides:

  • Colocation racks secured with key or combination locks.
  • Private cages on request.
  • Complete CCTV monitoring with motion detection systems to protect all sensitive data centres and archive system areas.
  • ID verification for all data centre visitors.*
  • Biometric hand-scanners and/or PIN coded access card security at every entry point.
  • Automatic alarm systems connected to relevant law enforcement stations.
  • On-site security guards 24/7 and 365 days a year.*

* in selected data centres

Fire prevention

To protect customer data from fire damage, data centres operated by MESH are equipped with specialised prevention and detection systems which include:

  • Heat and smoke sensors
  • Particle analysis sensors
  • Dry pipe, multi-zoned fire suppression

Disaster prevention

Where required, MESH data centres feature flood prevention (pumps and special drains) and earthquake reinforcement.

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