High availability comes from redundancy and SLA is your warranty. MESH selects data centres up to Tier 3 standard to ensure service quality is never compromised.


Consistent energy supply is essential to maintaining business continuity. MESH offers solutions which keep servers running around the clock. Its data centres are located in areas with high power supply ratings; and are equipped with UPS batteries and power generators in N+1, N+2 or up to 2N redundant set-ups. This means if a component fails, there is one (or more, depending on redundancy class) ready to take over immediately. SLA levels consistently run at 99.98%, or even higher if required.


Optimum climate levels are also a requirement of seamless hardware operation. MESH ensures its data centres are equipped with specialised air conditioning systems which accurately monitor and adjust temperature and humidity levels to stay within pre-determined levels. N+1 redundancy levels also apply to these systems to ensure that a single component failure cannot bring the cooling system down.

Disaster recovery

Sophisticated power control systems are fitted in all MESH data centres. They are managed by autonomous modules and co-ordinate switching between failing and supporting components. This ensures the power supply automatically switches to UPS and diesel generators in case of emergency.

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