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The MESH Content Delivery Network (CDN) ensures that your content is available all around the world and is efficiently delivered from a location closest to your end-users. Offering fast, reliable international content delivery, CDN is ideal for mass peak deliveries of content, with the lowest latency guarantee for large numbers of concurrent end users.


Video streams, images, downloadable elements – CDN delivers purpose – made services for the media industry, that include: video hosting, live or on demand streaming for sports events or any heavily trafficked media website that requires the power of local content delivery.


Instead of transferring content over long distances trough several networks, countries, continents and oceans, CDN serves your files, videos and images locally to your customers. This ensures that your content delivery no longer depends on multiple connections and routes that can be sensitive to ‘hiccups and jams’. The CDN structure caches files and serves the content from the locations closest to your end-user customers. SSL secure delivery is also available to improve protection of served content.

Good investment

CDN bandwidth utilisation is usually higher compared to a central server solution. Multi- redundant CDN servers with 10 Gbit connectivity serve your customers faster than a 100 Gbit enabled central mainframe. Without the need for any additional hardware, CDN offers the perfect balance of cost and availability.

Geographic distribution

Different cultures and laws can complicate content delivery. CDN filters and alters the content according to geography – making it easier to supply region relevant content for Europe, Japan and the USA.


  • Up to 30% cost reduction
  • Up-to-date infrastructure without proprietary hardware investment
  • Patented and proven technology
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Proximity to customers (USA, Europe, Asia)

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