IP Services:

Private Line

The MESH Private Line service can connect various mission-critical areas of your business. It can deliver fast, secure content to customers or can connect remote business locations with head office.

Private Line

In contrast to shared Internet connections, Private Line creates a fully separated environment for data transfer. Growing markets and diverse workflows make the MESH Private Line service essential for companies which value enterprise grade networks and high data security.


If the Private Line system does not meet your particular requirements for capacity or security, MESH can supply a bespoke Wavelength service. With this service, you lease a separate transport line from MESH – single wavelength on a physical fibre. Optical separation makes data transfer more secure and enables higher throughput.

Dark Fiber

Although Private Line or Wavelength transfer is secure, large volumes of data may cause a bottleneck on a regional or metropolitan network. The solution is a completely private, dedicated network – a Dark Fibre which, when managed by MESH, protects the weakest section of the chain with the highest security and service levels. This service provides on lease an existing, unused fibre for your exclusive use and hence gives you independence – a direct, self-managed line to the Internet carrier of your choice or between desired locations. Consequently, local Internet Service Provider failures can no longer bring down communication with your remote servers, data storages and overseas sites. As the fibre already exists, installation time is also shorter.

MESH Network Designers

MESH network designers are always ready and willing to consult on any aspect of the network you need and to help you find the right solution for your company. Different business models require different approaches and designs. Contact MESH to find out more.

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